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Can I Smoke If I Have Dental Implants?

While it is widely known that doctors advocate against using tobacco products because of their adverse effect on overall health, recent research shows that tobacco can also severely impact the success rate of dental implants.

Although dental implants are typically a stable, secure, and natural-looking solution for tooth loss, smoking can cause the failure rate of an implant to skyrocket. According to one study, the average failure rate for a dental implant is 1.4% for non-smokers. For dental implant patients who also smoke regularly, the implant failure rate jumped to 15.8%.

Also, the success of dental implants relies on the patient maintaining good oral hygiene and possessing adequate jawbone density to hold ...

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Does the Dental Implant Procedure Hurt?

While most of our patients are excited about the benefits dental implants can provide, some worry about the potential pain. Our cosmetic dentist Dr. Jeffrey Schultz is highly-trained in implantology, has a great deal of experience, and understands how to perform the dental implant procedure with the utmost precision, safety, and comfort. To help our dental implant candidates feel more comfortable about their upcoming surgery, Dr. Schultz uses the consultation as a time to review what to expect.

In order to minimize pain or discomfort during dental implant surgery, patients are first given a local anesthetic. This anesthetic keeps the area numb during the procedure and can help patients ...

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Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

In addition to negatively impacting the appearance of your smile, missing teeth can lead to a number of serious health concerns. Gum irritation, infection, bite problems from shifting teeth, and additional tooth loss can all result from the gap left behind from a missing tooth. A dental implant is essentially a replacement tooth that can allow you to chew and speak again with ease while also improving the beauty of your smile.

If you are seeking a natural-looking restoration for one or more missing teeth, dental implants can provide unparalleled support and stability compared to traditional dentures or bridges. As an added benefit, dental implants are custom-designed for each patient ...

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