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Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry

At the Schultz Center for Dentistry, Dr. Schultz specializes in a wide range of cosmetic procedures to help all of his patients achieve a smile that reflects their natural beauty. Whether sculpting porcelain dental veneers, whitening teeth, replacing old fillings with safer tooth-colored fillings, or making over an entire smile, Dr. Schultz is prepared to work with his patients to bring out their natural smiles and enhance their overall appearance.

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Porcelain Dental Veneers

Porcelain dental veneers are durable shells that are bonded to the front surfaces of a patient’s teeth to conceal chips, discolorations, stains, or other imperfections. This popular treatment involves the creation of dental veneers that are custom-designed for your teeth to result in the best possible fit and appearance.

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Teeth Whitening

In addition to porcelain veneers, the Schultz Center for Cosmetic Dentistry provides teeth whitening as another option to improving their patients’ smiles. With deep teeth whitening, the overall aesthetic appearance of the teeth can be improved by brightening each smile to provide a fresh and clean beginning.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

With tooth-colored fillings, patients now have a safer, more aesthetically pleasing option than the traditional mercury-based fillings of the past. The tooth-colored fillings are made with a resin that is then specially blended to match the color of a patient’s teeth, thus providing strong, safe, long-lasting results.

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Whether you’re in need of a small aesthetic repair for a chipped tooth, or would like a complete smile makeover, Dr. Schultz will combine his experience and knowledge with your needs to develop a plan that can satisfy all your cosmetic dentistry needs and lead to the smile you deserve.