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Can I Smoke If I Have Dental Implants?

shutterstock_109080218While it is widely known that doctors recommend against smoking tobacco products because of their adverse effect on overall health, recent research shows that tobacco can also severely impact the success rate of dental implants. Though dental implants are typically a stable, secure, and natural-looking solution for tooth loss, smoking can cause the failure rate of an implant to skyrocket. According to one study, the average failure rate for a dental implant is 1.4% for non-smokers. For dental implant patients who also smoke regularly, the implant failure rate jumped to 15.8%.

In addition, the success of dental implants relies on the patient maintaining good oral hygiene and possessing adequate jawbone density to hold the titanium implant securely in place. Since smoking can significantly compromise the oral health of the patient as well as weaken the bone structure of the jaw, the use of tobacco products exhibits a strong correlation to implant failure. If you are considering dental implants to replace a missing tooth or as an alternative to traditional dentures, Dr. Jeffrey Schultz recommends smoking cessation in order to help ensure the success of your new smile.