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Full Mouth Restoration

For patients who suffer from multiple oral health ailments, functional issues, or cosmetic concerns, a full mouth restoration can reconstruct the teeth and gums for a beautiful, healthy smile. Dr. Jeffrey Schultz begins each full mouth restoration with an in-depth consultation, during which he will perform an oral exam and discuss your unique expectations. Afterward, a custom-tailored treatment plan can be created to meet your individual needs and goals. Patients who undergo a full mouth restoration can typically speak and chew with greater ease, take pride in the appearance of their new smile, and enjoy significantly improved oral health.

Full Mouth Restoration Candidates

Candidates for a full mouth restoration may suffer from some of the following oral health concerns:

  • Gum disease: often the result of poor oral hygiene, gum disease can lead to tooth decay or tooth loss when left untreated.
  • Severe tooth decay: a combination of excessive sugar intake, poor oral hygiene, and gum disease can significantly compromise the integrity of the teeth.
  • Tooth erosion: patients who suffer from acid-reflux, consume a large quantity of acidic foods or beverages, or take certain prescription medications may experience erosion of their tooth enamel.
  • Injury or trauma to the mouth: broken or missing teeth are frequently the result of an injury to the mouth.
  • TMD: patients with TMD typically grind their teeth or clench their jaw – particularly during sleep – which can result in structural damage to the teeth over time.

Oftentimes, a combination of several common cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures are needed to comprehensively rejuvenate the smile of a full mouth restoration candidate.

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Full Mouth Restoration Options

Dr. Schultz educates every full mouth restoration candidate on the options available to reconstruct a healthy, beautiful smile. Common rehabilitation options include:

By thoroughly reviewing the benefits of each individual procedure, Dr. Schultz can help patients make well-informed decisions about their oral health.

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