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Does the Dental Implant Procedure Hurt?

May 18, 2016
Posted By: Terry Imbach

While most of our patients are excited about the benefits dental implants can provide, some worry about the potential pain. Our cosmetic dentist Dr. Jeffrey Schultz is highly-trained in implantology, has a great deal of experience, and understands how to perform the dental implant procedure with the utmost precision, safety, and comfort. To help our dental implant candidates feel more comfortable about their upcoming surgery, Dr. Schultz uses the consultation as a time to review what to expect.

In order to minimize pain or discomfort during dental implant surgery, patients are first given a local anesthetic. This anesthetic keeps the area numb during the procedure and can help patients stay relaxed. During the recovery, oral medication can be used to easily manage any post-operative pain. Most importantly, before surgery, Dr. Schultz will make sure to answer any questions or concerns the patient may have so they can make an informed decision about their oral health.

If you believe you may be a candidate for dental implants in Houston, TX, please schedule a consultation today to learn how they can benefit you.

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