Your General Dentist in Bellaire, TX

At the Schultz Center for Dentistry, Houston dentist Dr. Jeffrey Schultz and his qualified staff provide a wealth of general and family dentistry services and procedures designed to help your family achieve and maintain your beautiful, healthy smile.

The dental procedures we offer are critical if you want to maintain optimal oral health, address common dental conditions, and prevent future problems that might damage your teeth and gums. Dr. Schultz places your comfort and safety above all else whether we’re doing routine cleanings and exams, or cosmetic and restorative work, and our team works to keep you smiling each time you visit Schultz Center for Dentistry.

Please contact our practice to schedule an appointment for general dentistry options in the Bellaire and Houston, Texas area.

Family Dentistry

The Schultz Center for Dentistry specializes in care for the whole family. From general dentistry procedures to support already established oral health habits, to preventative care aimed at helping children and adolescents develop healthy teeth and gums, Dr. Schultz employs an all-encompassing approach to ensure the best dental care for each family while avoiding the possibility of more serious oral health issues down the road.

To help make patients of all ages more comfortable during their office visits, Dr. Schultz and the Schultz Center for Dentistry supply various forms of entertainment for children of all ages, in a relaxing environment meant to enhance the time every patient spends with Dr. Schultz and his staff.

Routine Checkups

Dr. Schultz provides routine checkups that support your oral health efforts at home. He provides a multi-faceted approach including preventive dental exams and digital x-rays to avoid more serious cosmetic or restorative procedures in the future. By staying current with your oral health, Dr. Schultz provides the tools you need so you can confidently show off your smile for years to come.

Teeth Cleanings

Every routine checkup includes professional teeth cleaning by one of our qualified dental hygienists, which is one of the best ways to maintain healthy teeth and gums. In addition to a thorough cleaning, our hygienists also provide tips and education about your oral care habits

Periodontal (Gum) Care

Our highly-trained hygienists at the Schultz Center for Dentistry have the skill and knowledge to help prevent and treat gum disease that affects three out of four adults and is responsible for about 70 percent of adult tooth loss.

Because of our hygienist's knowledge and experience, they understand how to prevent bacterial plaque from developing by using specialized procedures and encouraging a routine of brushing and flossing to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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