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Houston Dentist Embraces New Digital Technology With Mobile Website

March 17, 2015
Posted By: Schultz Center for Dentistry

Houston cosmetic dentist Jeffrey Schultz, DDS attributes much of his professional success to his approach to patient care and remaining current with the latest techniques and technologies the field has to offer.

In keeping with these principles, Dr. Schultz recently launched a mobile version of his practice’s website, allowing his current and future patients to conveniently access information while on-the-go. Since how people use the internet has dramatically shifted in recent years, Dr. Schultz views the addition of a mobile website as a necessary component to providing the same high-quality service he has always strived to deliver.

Schultz Center for Dentistry’s mobile website is custom-designed to fit a smaller screen, allowing for easy and intuitive navigation on Internet-compatible smartphones. The valuable features of the Houston cosmetic dentistry practice’s main website have been tailored to be mobile-friendly, including new patient forms and Dr. Schultz’s blog. However, Dr. Schultz believes one of the most significant advantages of having a mobile website is improving doctor-patient communication once the patient arrives at the office.

According to Dr. Schultz, when patients have taken the time to do some preliminary research about their condition or desired dental procedure before visiting the office, they are better able to articulate their questions and concerns. Since more and more people are conducting such research directly from their mobile devices to multitask during downtime, a website solely optimized for a desktop computer can be discouraging or inhibit research altogether, he notes.

The mobile website easily enables people to read detailed information about procedures such as dental implants or porcelain veneers, view the smile gallery, or obtain turn-by-turn directions to the practice.

With a little preliminary research, a patient can become more knowledgeable about their dental choices, states Dr. Schultz, but the resulting improvement in doctor-patient communication can also ultimately lead to an increase in patient satisfaction. When patients can communicate easily, he adds, they have more realistic expectations of the procedure at hand, and there is a greater likelihood that they will achieve the functional and cosmetic results they seek for their teeth.

Ultimately, Dr. Schultz’s mobile website is one of his newest evolving components of continually providing patients with the high-quality care – and beautiful smiles – he believes they deserve.

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