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Houston Dentist Offers All-on-4 to Restore Missing or Damaged Teeth

May 20, 2014
Posted By: Schultz Center for Dentistry

Dr. Jeffrey Schultz, a cosmetic dentist in Houston, now offers All-on-4 at his dental practice in Bellaire. Schultz Center for Cosmetic Dentistry provides this option for patients seeking restoration for damaged or missing teeth.

According to Dr. Schultz, candidates for this procedure are those who may need, or may currently have, full or partial dentures that can often require extensive, costly maintenance over the years, as well as those who do not have enough bone density to support traditional dental implants. For the proper candidates, All-on-4 can save patients time and money, while offering a natural-looking, long-lasting restoration.

In a recent blog post on Dr. Schultz’s website titled, “Patient Ecstatic from Results of Her All-on-4 Treatment,” the Houston dentist shares a positive patient experience and details what patients can generally expect from the procedure. He says All-on-4 is designed to secure a full set of new tooth restorations with only four titanium anchor points. 

With this option, Dr. Schultz notes that patients generally experience minimal discomfort because bone grafting and surgery are not part of the procedure, while also adding that some patients who are not eligible for traditional dental implants due to poor jawbone structure could benefit from this treatment since jawbone structure is not a factor in determining candidacy for All-on-4.

While the traditional implant process can sometimes take up to one year to complete, Dr. Schultz says All-on-4 patients may be able to experience full benefits in a matter few weeks. Once the procedure is complete, he notes that his patients often enjoy excellent results that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.

Ultimately, Schultz Center for Cosmetic Dentistry has experienced a high success rate with All-on-4, and many of Dr. Schultz’s patients say the results from All-on-4 feel as close to real teeth as they have experienced in a long time.

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